Your Employees

Candidly provide a digital anonymous box
for voicing opinions, feedback, and concerns.

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Collect Real-Time, Candid Feedback

Support organizational transparency.
Improve retention by addressing feedback sooner.
Encourage engagement amongst your diverse employees.

  • 62% are afraid to speak up*

    *in their workplace
    in this current political climate
    (CATO Institute survey)

  • 33% of an annual salary*

    *is a company’s average turnover cost
    for an unhappy employee
    (Employee Benefits News)

  • 18% lower productivity*

    *and 14% lower profitability
    are the results of a disengaged employee
    (Gallup Workplace Report)

How It Works

  • 1

    Create a suggestion box

    Decide what you would like feedback on.

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  • 2

    Get a unique link to the suggestion box

    This is a unique link that you get for sharing

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  • 3

    Share it via Email, Slack and other company channels

    This is where people will go to send you feedback.

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  • 4

    People visit your box and submit feedback

    Your box can be accessed from any device. Works great on web, mobile and tablets.

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  • 5

    (For Paid Accounts) Reply Directly

    Our optional Direct Replies feature lets you continue the conversation with the person who submitted, while protecting their anonymity.

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Affordable Pricing for Everyone

No Long-term contracts. Cancel anytime.

  • Basic

    • ✓
      1 Suggestion box
    • ✗
      Cap on number of responses
    • ✗
      No Followup
    • ✗
      Only Email support
  • Business

    • ✓
      Unlimited suggestion boxes
    • ✓
      No cap on number of responses
    • ✓
      Anonymous Followups
    • ✓
      Premium support

Private. Secure. Respectful.

We take your privacy and security as seriously as our own. Period.

  • Avoid third-party tracking with our platform – we wont sell your information.
  • Export your data any time with full data portability.
  • Let your employees speak freely when not identified by any internal system.
  • Connect one-on-one with anonymous feedback providers through private, direct messages.

Ready to Try Candidly?

We are testing it out with some awesome organizations, so let us know if you are interested!

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