Your Employees

Candidly provide a safe and anonymous way to voice opinions, feedback, and concerns.

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Collect Real-Time, Private Feedback

Encourage organizational transparency safely.
Improve retention by addressing feedback sooner.
Support engagement amongst your diverse team.

  • 62% are afraid to speak up*

    *In their workplace.
    (2020 CATO Institute survey)

  • 33% of an annual salary*

    *The turnover cost for an unhappy employee. (2017 Employee Benefits News)

  • 45% increased revenue*

    *Reported by companies with above-average DEI scores. (2017 BCG Diversity & Innovation Survey)

4 Simple Steps

It's easy to create a suggestion box and receive feedback! 

  • Screen shot 2020 12 26 at 5.24.51 pm
    1. Create a box.
  • Screen shot 2020 12 26 at 5.47.18 pm
    2. Share it on your company channels.
  • Screen shot 2020 12 26 at 6.10.53 pm
    3. Collect feedback.
  • Screen shot 2020 12 26 at 6.12.06 pm
    4. Follow up while preserving anonymity.

Prevent little problems from ballooning

Deploying an independent, anonymous suggestion
platform is the best way to ensure that you're getting real, candid
feedback about what's going on in your organization.  

  • Independent—people speak freely when know they won't be identified by your internal network.
  • Anonymous so people can speak freely. 
  • Private and secure to ensure compliance with reporting requirements.

Private, Secure, Respectful

Nobody has access to your data except for you. Period.
We take your privacy and security as seriously as our own.

  • No Tracking
    No third party has access to your data
  • Full Portability
    Export your data any time
  • Independent
    Let people speak freely when not identified by any internal system
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